Ryan Gosling Body Workout

Ryan Gosling is in great shape. When a person watches his movie they can see his six pack abs. While he may not be the most muscle man in Hollywood Ryan has a low percentage of body fat. This makes the muscles he has really stand out. There are some tips on how to get a body like Ryan Gosling.


Exercise Plan


On this day Ryan does a certain type of workout. He does three reps of each exercise. Ryan perform low incline dumbbell presses, cable rows, weighed chin ups, and triceps extension to build muscle mass. He does not exercise on Tuesday. This will give the body a chance to repair itself.


On this day the exercises focus on the upper body. Ryan performs leg presses, reverse dumbbell lunges, standing calf rises, and deadlift variations. After this workout he also takes Thursday off to allow the body to have some rest.


Friday is a day to work out the upper body. He repeats the same workout that he did on Monday. Ryan also takes the weekend off from working out.


Ryan follows a strict diet in order to stay in shape. He has a good trick for dropping body weight. A person should take their bodyweight and multiply it by 12. This will be the number of calories they need to eat everyday in order to lose one pound per week. While it may take a person some time to lose all the weight they want this is a good starting point.

Staying within this calories range and following Ryan’s exercise program a person will begin to lose the weight and see a change in their body for the better.

Ryan Gosling did not get a great body overnight. He follows a strict diet and exercise plan. If a person follows his diet plan and exercise routine they will begin to lose body fat. Before a person knows it they will be feeling and looking better thanks to the Ryan Gosling fitness plan.

Brock Lesnar’s Cross-Training Workout

Brock Lesnar was a 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion, a professional wrestling champion, a mixed martial arts heavyweight champion, and he briefly played football with the Minnesota Vikings.

He grew up on a small farm in South Dakota where he developed a strong work ethic and physical strength despite not having a gym anywhere near his home. Living off the land and working heavy farm equipment taught him to be disciplined while also developing physical strength and mental endurance.

Brock Lesnar’s Diet

Brock was diagnosed with diverticulitis in 2009 which prompted him to make major changes to his diet. Diverticulitis is the inflammation of the walls of the large intestine which causes abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and diarrhea. This condition is normally associated with the elderly and people who do not eat enough fiber.

He use to eat whatever he wanted, but now he follows the popular Paleo diet. He focuses on eating meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and he drinks a gallon of water per day. Brock also takes a number of supplements such as whey protein, amino acids, fish oils, creatine, and multi-vitamins. He stays away from refined foods, sugar and salt as much as possible.

Brock Lesnar’s Workout Routine

Brock works out twice a day four days a week with the morning session consisting of boxing and wrestling skills and the evening session consisting of running and weight training.

His fighting skills training combines power and conditioning to mimic what occurs inside mixed martial arts cage. This workout includes:

• Mounted punching.

• Heavy bag twirls.

• One arm sledge hammer swings.

• Bear crawls.

• Pushing/pulling tire.

His weight training and cardio workout includes:

• Bench press.

• Incline dumbbell press.

• Dumbbell flies.

• Cable crossovers.

• Triceps dips and pushdowns.

• Treadmill and airdyne bike.

This type of workout helped Brock become the only person to become a champion in collegiate wrestling, professional wrestling, and mixed martial arts.

More info about Brock here:


Branch Warren Workout Routine

Branch Warren combines old school heavy iron with a high volume approach. These workouts are definitely not for the beginner. Branch Warrens workouts revolve around serious exercises. He trains with the IFBB pro bodybuilders, for instance Johnnie Jackson.

To make sure he is providing his muscles with what is needed, he eats six meals per day!

  • First meal: 5 egg whites, 11/2 cup oat meal, 8 oz of red meat of his choice.
  • Second meal:1 cup of vegetables, 11/2 cups of rice, 9oz of fish.
  • Third meal: 16 oz of potatoes, 9 oz of chicken.
  • Fourth meal: 9 oz of fish, 11/2 cups of rice.
  • Fifth meal: 9 oz of chicken, 10 oz of potatoes.
  • Sixth meal: 10 egg whites.

His workout consists of muscle building workouts, sports workouts, home based workouts and strength workouts. It consists of everything you need, so you will even save on money going to the gym. To follow his workout plan you need skill and determination. He breaks each day down by concentrating on a different part of his body. Here i will describe each day of his workout for you and if you believe it for you then give it a try!

Day one – Here he concentrates on his back with the following exercises

* Dumbell rows
* Bent over bar bell rows
* Incline T-bar row
* Lat pull downs
* Seated up right row machine
* Hammer strength pull downs
* Seated low cable row
* Rear delts on fly machine
* Bent over dumbell rear laterals

Day two – The chest

* Two warm up bench press sets, then three more sets.
* Three dumbell press sets
* Hammer strength incline press sets
* weighted dips
* Cable cross overs

Day three

Day of rest

Day Four – Biceps

* Standing dumbell curls

* Standing barbell curls

* Preacher curls

* Triceps

* Tricep pushdowns

* Seated dip machine

* Rope pushdowns

Day Five – Legs

* Leg extensions two warm-up

* Squats two light sets

* Hack squats

* Leg press

* Seated leg curls

* Standing leg curls

* Lying leg curls

Day Six – Lower back

* Deadlifts three to four warm-up sets then four to five heavy sets

* Shoulders

* Military press two warm-up sets

* Squats three sets

* Side laterals three sets

* Dumbell front raises three sets

* Upright rows three sets

Day Seven – Day of rest

As you can see his workout really is intense, but no pain, no gain! If you aren’t prepared to put work into your workouts then his programs might not be for you, but if you wish to be the best, then you need to follow his routines.

He trains with the best in the world, that’s why he’s now one of the best himself. each of his movements is to be performed with a moderate weight that can be lifted 8-15 reps for 3 sets each.